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Hot Runner Control

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MHS works with industry leaders to create better plastic parts. As a global supplier of high performance injection molding systems and engineering services, we deliver optimized part quality, faster cycle times, comprehensive processing solutions, and complete development support.

Our Rheo-Pro® hot runner systems, controllers and manufacturing solutions guarantee part-to-part consistency, reduced mold maintenance, and increased production uptime and profitability.

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Stack Molds

Rheo-Pro® stack mold hot runner systems are a great cost cutting solution for high volume molding projects

6 and 4 Tip Valve Gate Nozzles

Rheo-Pro® M05VG multi-tip valve gate systems are ideal for molding high quality, direct gated micro parts

Rheo-Pro® Slide™ Manifolds

Our new manifold hot runner systems with rotating melt transfer joints allow linked manifold segments to move freely in order to distribute plastic anywhere inside the injection mold


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MHS is a global supplier of hot runner systems, controllers and processing support for injection molded plastic parts.